Varicose veins are the swollen veins which are usually painful and blue in color and are visible from the upper part of the skin. It occurs due to blood clot in the veins restricting blood flow to different parts of body. Generally feet and legs are majorly affected with varicose veins. In a study it has been observed that about 25% of adults are affected with varicose veins and the reason can be their lifestyle, pregnancy, menopause, aging, obesity, and many more. Now but there is an end to this pain, with effective varicose veins treatment in Hyderabad you can get permanent rid of vascular disorder. In present scientific era, varicose veins treatment are done with the help of latest noninvasive techniques, giving a quick and permanent solution for your pain.
Is varicose vein dangerous?
If you are struggling with varicose veins then you might be having a number of questions in your mind. Most of the folks have a myth about its severity but the fact is it is not a life threatening disease. It just blocks proper blood flow due to which veins starts swelling. It can be treated easily with the help of best vascular surgeon in Hyderabad. In today’s hectic schedule approx. one out of four people are struggling with varicose veins.
Varicose veins treatment:
Best treatment for varicose veins is self-care. Taking a god care includes wearing loose cloths, avoiding standing for long durations, and so on.
Wearing compression stockings are recommended by most of the top vascular surgeons in Hyderabad. Compression stockings compress your legs resulting in an easy blood flow through the veins. Above mentioned both the treatments are recommended if varicose veins are at the starting stage. For more severe cases there are few other advanced treatments which are recommended by the experts. Few of those are listed below;
It is one of the simplest procedures which can be done in the smallest span of time at your doctor’s clinic. In this procedure doctor injects a solution to the vein which is a noninvasive and it helps the vein to retain proper blood flow.
Laser treatment:
With the help of latest technologies doctors perform laser treatment which is one stop and permanent solution for varicose veins. Process of varicose veins is done by sending laser rays to the veins and dissolving blood clot and allowing easy flow of blood.
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