Varicose veins treatment in Hyderabad

There are a huge number of folks who are affected with regular leg pain but taking pain killers are just a temporary solution to such pain. After a while when you again perform physical activities the pain can take place again making discomfort to your daily routine. This can be a symptom of varicose veins in which your veins swell due to extra blood accumulation or blood clots. You can get a permanent solution to this pain with the best and most effective varicose veins treatment in Hyderabad.

There are a number of varicose veins treatment available in Hyderabad and vascular surgeons recommend you the best among those based on your physical condition and severity of varicose veins. There are various types of home remedies and surgeries too to treat varicose veins.

varicose veins treatment in hyderabad

Few most popular varicose veins treatments in Hyderabad are listed below:

Home remedies:

If the varicose veins are diagnosed at the very initial stage then they can be easily treated with few home remedies but only follow the suggestions of specialists to get the best results. Exercise and the use of compression stockings are the best remedies suggested by specialists. It steadily squeezes your vein and helps it to retain regular blood flow and also normal size.


Mostly small and medium-sized veins get swells due to extra accumulation of blood. The closing of such veins doesn’t affect the procedure of blood flow. Hence, a vascular surgeon in Hyderabad injects a solution into the veins which closes them permanently and fades them from your body helping you to get rid of pain permanently.

Radiofrequency ablation:

In such a procedure ultrasound scan is used to thread a narrow catheter into the vein which emits radiofrequency. Such waves heat us the walls of veins resulting in collapsing the walls of veins and fading it for every from your body without affecting any other vein or blood flow mechanism.

 There are many more other surgeries too which serve with amazing and instant results and the best part about varicose veins treatment is that it is least or noninvasive. A patient who has gone through surgeries for varicose veins can go back home on the same day and just a few days of rest is enough to get back to normal life, which means it requires very little recovery time.

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