The vascular system is one of the major parts of our body structure as it acts as a carrier that transports necessary blood to various parts of the body. There is a number of causes that can lead your health towards vascular disorder. In such disorder arteries or veins partially or completely stop transporting blood to other parts of the body. There is a number of symptoms of the vascular disorder but hardly people are able to diagnose it as pain may occur with heavy physical work and can also give you relief after rest. The severity and pain in the legs and arms depending on the extent of the blockage. Mainly blockage occurs in the calf muscles of the legs and arms. Are you also suffering from the same pain and willing to get rid of such an issue? Then you are on the right page. Here you will get comprehensive details about varicose veins treatment in Hyderabad and also endovascular surgery in Hyderabad.

Test to diagnose peripheral artery disease:

There are several ways to diagnose peripheral artery disease. Best vascular surgeons in Hyderabad first prefer to conduct a physical checkup such as diagnosing color change or swelling in the affected part and if it is not diagnosed properly then professionals proceed to Doppler ultrasound, duplex ultrasound, and angiography.

Test to diagnose varicose veins:

If you are having continuous leg pain then it may be a symptom of varicose veins which may require immediate treatment by experts. If you consult a doctor for varicose veins treatment in Hyderabad they will first initiate with diagnosing your legs physically and also using other technologies such as ultrasound and venogram which is done to check the blood flow and other issues related to blood such as blood clot with more clarity.


  •         Major goals of peripheral artery disease treatment in Hyderabad are to reduce leg pain and also the risk of heart attack and strokes. The lifestyle of a person has a great impact on treating it. Smoking is the main cause that increases complications, hence reducing smoking habits can serve you with better results. Other medical treatments are cholesterol-lowering medications, high blood pressure medications, medication to control blood sugar and blood clots. In severe conditions, vascular surgeons suggest Angioplasty in which blockage of the arteries are flattened and resuming a normal blood flow.
  •         Varicose veins treatment in Hyderabad doesn’t require long-term hospitalization or too much medication. Just a few health tips and a healthy lifestyle can assist you to resume your regular life back and get quick relief from pain. Experts recommend taking good care like exercise, avoiding tight clothes, losing weight, compression stockings, and many more. Additional treatment which is recommended for extreme cases is sclerotherapy, laser treatment, etc.

Vascular disorders are commonly faced by so many people but they can be treated by taking effective treatment. To get quick relief from your health issues you must consult the best vascular surgeon in Hyderabad which is an effective and also noninvasive treatment.

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